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Why TWJ? 

TWJ is a safe and tailored space for the multi-marginalized to explore, heal, and self-actualize.  


When I founded Therapy w. Jasany in 2020, I wanted to create a safe space for Black and brown folx with intersecting identities that may be shamed and/or demonized by their communities. Many communities of color perpetuate harmful ideologies around gender, sex, sexuality, nonmonogamous relationship structures, mental health, and disability. Sadly, folx of color with these intersecting identities often experience racism and xenophobia within the intersecting communities to which they also belong. So, I created a space of acceptance and bottom-up healing for the multi-marginalized. Synchronously, opening my practice and the pandemic were catalysts to learning of my neurodivergence. Many ND womxn/AFAB don’t receive diagnosis until they’re no longer able to keep up with life demands (e.g. starting a business, getting a promotion, having a child). Opening my practice was a major factor in my life that led to autistic burnout - an experience characterized by decreased functioning, loss of skills, and increased sensitivity to stimulus. As I learned more about neurodivergent conditions, I became aware of ways to not only help myself, but also my clients. It turns out that there’s a high prevalence of ND folx that share one or more of the aforementioned nonconforming identities. In 2021, I swam through a tsunami of emotions as I applied this information and reflected on my life experiences. I channeled that energy into becoming an Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist, though I prefer to say Autism Clinical Specialist, and learning about a number of neurodivergent conditions. Now armed with this awareness, I'm able to step into my purpose of neurodivergent education, assessment, advocacy, and support - improving the quality of life of minority individuals at the intersection of neurodivergence. 

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