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Client Offerings

Neurodevelopmental Assessment

Individual Counseling

Neurodevelopmental Assessment

TWJ offers culturally humble, trauma-responsive neurodevelopmental assessments for adults residing in the State of Ohio. The assessment uses standardized measures and clinical interviews to evaluate the presence of ADHD and/or autism and anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD (or other trauma related conditions), and PMDD, which commonly co-occur. TWJ specializes in late diagnosis in high masking individuals and acknowledges the clinical significance of subthreshold scores. 

Assessments are administered in three parts

  1. Evaluation - Part 1 consists of scoring of standardized measures and review of personal narrative. 

    2. Interview - Part 2 consists of two 90-minute clinical interviews in which we will explore your history and contextualize experiences identified in the standardized measures and personal narrative. It is helpful to the diagnostic process to learn more about you through the perception of someone close to you (e.g. parent, sibling, partner, etc.). This can take place by having your person accompany you in one of the interviews or by written statement. 

    3. Feedback - Part 3 is a 75 minute feedback report in which we will review scores, discussion diagnosis, and explore resources. Accommodation development is available as an add-on service.

    Each part of the assessment is generally spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Please expect 8-12 weeks to complete the assessment in entirety.


 Individual Therapy

Available to those who live in the State of Ohio.


Individual therapy is a 1-on-1 therapeutic relationship in which you and your therapist collaborate and develop a plan to accomplish your goals. Here are some things we can work on in therapy: getting to know your neurodivergent brain and how to work with it, learning about and managing anxiety and/or depression, processing trauma, self-regulation skills, improving self-esteem, identifying unmet needs, boundary setting, conflict resolution and communication skills, gender and sexuality exploration, strengthening brain-body connection, .


Therapy can also be a safe, supportive space to simply be heard. Therapy can be talk focused or it can be more interactive and creative.


Therapy w. Jasany is a cash pay practice, meaning that insurance is not accepted. Sessions are 50 minutes at $150. TWJ can provide Ohio residents with a superbill, which can be submitted by you to your insurance company for reimbursement.

TWJ offers financial assistance through Loveland Foundation Vouchers. Learn more here.

TWJ does not offer relationship or family therapy at this time. 

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