Self-Discoveries: Befriend Your Intuition

There's no shortage of wellness accounts telling us to "honor our intuition" and "tap into our authenticity". Honestly, I think that's good advice, yet I find so many of us don't understand the how. How do we lean into our authenticity? How do we discern between our intuition and core limiting beliefs that are rooted in doubt and trauma? Self-Discoveries: Befriend Your Intuition is all about the how. Join Jasany of Therapy w. Jasany and special guest, Kris Williams - LPCC and art therapist, as we guide you through practices geared at uncovering your inner, authentic voice. 


This workshop was developed in the spirit of mutual aid. Therapy. with Jasany is expanding to California to carry out the mission of improving the quality of life of minority individuals at the intersection of neurodivergence. We are asking for a minimum donation of $25. Proceeds will be allocated to costs of relocation and California licensing requirements, compensation for the time and emotional labor of Kris, and required federal and local taxes on earnings.

what to expect








Welcome!: Get settled in


Overview: Learn a bit about internal skills that we can strengthen to uncover our authentic voice


Somatic Practice: Bolster brain-body connection

Conscious Writing Practice: Discover your authentic voice aka intuition


Observation: A judgement-free discussion


Transition: Meditation led by Kris Williams

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Learn how to identify and build a relationship with your intuition right in time for holiday season

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Learn how to identify and build a relationship with your intuition right in time for holiday season

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